PE Waterfilled Barrier

Giá: Liên hệ

Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Kích thước dải phân làn: (L)1200mm x (W)600mm x (H)900mm* Kích thước mũi tên: (L)890mm x (W)430mm x (H)120mm* Chất liệu:  HDPE 

* Barrier size: (L) 1200mm x (W) 600mm x (H) 900mm
* Arrow size: (L) 890mm x (W) 430mm x (H) 120mm

* Material: HDPE


– Features:

+ The product does not break when a collision occurs.

+ HDPE has the advantage of good plasticity and tensile strength, which helps absorb the impact force, the plastic will be twisted, minimizing damage to the vehicle and its drivers. Reflective arrow has a reflective function that helps drivers keep track of when it is dark.

+ White-orange mounted in sequence, increasing recognition for drivers.

+ Products can add water to help increase the weight of products resistant to high winds, increase resistance to high-speed collisions occur.

+ Prevent secondary injury when there is a collision between a car and the lane strip.

+ Preventing vehicles from rushing into lanes with vehicles traveling in the opposite direction, the mechanism of installation and the force-absorbing characteristics of the plastic help to adjust the direction of the vehicle in the event of a collision, reducing damage to people and vehicles when there is a collision.

+ Installation method by assembling two pieces of plastic, between two pieces there is a fixed iron bar to help move the product easily, and create a buffer area when there is a collision with the vehicle.

+ Products can be easily installed and moved, deployed in a short time.

+ Effect to adjust the lane when necessary.

+ Can be installed in combination with HDPE cushion tank, delineator, chevron, obstruction mark to enhance the display.

+ Arrows can be ordered disassemble.

+ 19kg dry weight, 500kg water pouring weight (full). Strongly recommend to add 250kg of water.


– Place of installation:

+ Installed after HDPE cushion tank, installed with flexible post.

+ Installing at the top of lane separators, lane strips, lane separations.

+ Installing at highways and express way (recommended), in areas where lane sharing or lane change is necessary.

+ Installation at the racing school, car testing ground, driving practice school, vehicle testing place.


Origin: Vietnam, manufactured according to Korean materials and technology.

Note: This is the recommended product of HiQ VINA when installed on highways, toll stations, areas where accidents occur to ensure safety for drivers and reduce damage to objects. substance for vehicle owners.