Experience since 1987

HIQ Co.,Ltd., which has preserved roads and construction safety for 30 years, started to produce road safety products(PE drums, color cones, sight lead rods), passed PE barrier impact test, certified eco-friendly products, Has accumulated. Now, we will be a leading trust company not only for roads and construction but also as a professional asafety goods company for various safety.

Focus on Hi-Quality

HIQ is an abbreviation of High-Qulity. Under the philosophy of "promise the best qulity" HIQ develops, manufactures and supplies about 60 kinds of roads and construction safety products to prevent valuable tinnitus accidents and property damage that may occur in roads and construction sites. We contribute greatly.

For a Better Life

There is no place for warmth, warmness, and peace of mind as mother's arms. I am happy with today's safe construction site with a smile, and safety equipment with HIQ

Our History

Established - 1987

We started to provide top-notch manufacturing services for our clients.

Consolidation – 2012

Merged RS Industry company and moved office to Seoul

Expansion – 2018
Thiết bị an toàn giao thông nhựa

Expanding the 2nd and 3rd factories in Hwasung

Crossing The Boundary - 2019

First Indochina Factory was kick-off in Bac Giang, Vienam.

Step forward – 2023

Construction of the second HIQ VINA factory in Binh Duong


“Everything starts from safety”

Hi-Q VINA Co.,Ltd


Fully Responsive

We believe in innovation and practical products, together with effortless research and devopment to bring a safe world to everyone. We are Hi-Q VINA!

Fully Responsive

Based on over 30 years of trust, we are customer-oriented, gathering impression through high-quality products. And we make sure we are doing what we say.

Fully Responsive

Employees are fundamental and priceless for the company. We are highly paying respect and striving to develop human resources for mutual growth of talented people.

Eco Standards