No Jaywalking Fence

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* Serial or single mounting products:

* Dimensions of post: (L) 200mm x (D) 200mm x (H) 950mm
* Serial barricade size: (L) 2000mm x (W) 200mm (H) 950mm
* Single barrier type: (L) 2200mm x (W) 200mm (H) 950mm

* Material: PolyUrethane (post) and Polycarbonate (bar)


– Features:

+ Flexible PU posts, helping the product have a good recovery when there is a collision.

+ Horizontal bar made from PC plastic, rounded to help the product withstand compression / impact without breaking brittle.

+ Reflective sheets are affixed on columns and fences, making it easy for drivers to recognize.

+ Simple design brings about aesthetic harmony.

+ Products can be installed serial or single installation depending on the purpose of installation.

+ Single product makes it easy to maintain and repair when an accident / failure occurs.

+ The product has the effect of preventing pedestrians from crossing the road illegally, preventing cars from turning back, preventing incidents that endanger human life.



– Place of installation:

+ Installation in urban areas, serving the purpose of preventing illegal crosswalks.

+ Plastic material helps the car minimize scratches, material losses when an accident occurs, while ensuring the vehicle’s ability to slow down.


Made in Korea.

Note: This is a recommended product of HiQ VINA when installed in urban areas.

The product comes with 1 set of 4 inch screws for post and 3 small screws for connecting bars.

Chia sẻ:
* Sản phẩm lắp nối tiếp hoặc lắp đơn:* Kích thước thanh trụ: (L)200mm x (D)200mm x (H)950mm* Kích thước rào chắn loại nối tiếp: (L)2000mm x (W)200mm (H)950mm* Kích thước rào chắn loại đơn: (L)2200mm x (W)200mm (H)950mm* Chất liệu:  PolyUrethane (cọc trụ) và PolyCarbonat (thanh ngang) Loại nối tiếp:Loại lắp đơn:


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