Mini Duplex Light Bar

Giá: Liên hệ

Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Kích thước: (L)366mm x (W)129mm x (H)129mm* Công suất:+ Nguồn điện mặt trời: 10W+ Nguồn điện dự trữ: 12V x 12Ah

* Dimensions: (L) 366mm x (W) 129mm x (H) 129mm

* Power:
+ Solar power source: 10W
+ Battery: 12V x 12Ah

– Features:

Mini Duplex Light Bar is simple in structure, easy to install, monolithic design to limit deformation due to external forces and better withstand harsh weather conditions.

The product is equipped with an easily recognizable LED light

The product can be used for about 4-5 days without sunshine, in the condition that the battery is fully charged

Products used continuously 24h


– Place of installation:

+ Installation at the intersection, where the need for warnings about traffic situation or specific instructions.

Made in Korea