Road stud

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* Size: (L) 130mm x (W) 110mm x (H) 30mm

* Material: Aluminum alloy; Mica /PC


– Features:

+ Delineator using round mica holes possesses great reflection ability under various weather conditions. The crystal glass technology of Swareflex used in reflective glass mica holes has over 60 years of implementing and installation in many projects around the world.

+ Delineator using PC glass holes have higher reflectance so it is easier to identify at nightime. At the same time, cheaper crystal glass PC material saves cost of production

+ Products with large size, firm, prolong using time, good resistance to impact forces caused by vehicles.

+ Is a popular product on the roads.


– Place of installation:

+ According to road markings, dividing lanes of national highways, highways and inner cities.


C/O: Made in Korea

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* Kích thước: (L)130mm x (W)110mm x (H)30mm* Chất liệu: Hợp kim nhôm; Mica/PC- Loại PC: - Loại Mica:  


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