Rubber Cable Protector Bumper

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* Dimension:
+ 5-wire type: (L) 900mm x (W) 600mm x (H) 75mm
+ 2 wire type: (L) 970mm x (W) 245mm x (H) 45mm

* Material: Rubber, PVC


– Features:

+ Rubber Cable Protector Bumper is made from synthetic rubber, with PVC cover installed to protect underground wires at events, public works from vehicles and pedestrians.

+ Outstanding colors, help pedestrians to pay attention and reduce speed,  make reasonable movement to avoid hitting electrical equipment going underground.

+ Designed in the form of assembly, help Rubber Cable Protector Bumper  meet the installation needs in many different conditions.

+ Good durability in all terrain conditions.


– Place of installation:

+ At outdoor events.

+ Construction site, where construction works are present.

+ At buildings or projects that are in need of setting up mobile electricity networks in a short time.


Made in Korea

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* Kích thước:+ Loại 5 dây: (L)900mm x (W)600mm x (H)75mm+ Loại 2 dây: (L)970mm x (W)245mm x (H)45mm* Chất liệu: Cao su, nhựa PVC


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