Hi Cone

Giá: Liên hệ

* Dimensions: (L) 440mm x (W) 440mm x (H) 780mm

* Material: HDPE


– Features:

+ Cones are made from HDPE, resistant to impact. When subjected to impact, the plastic will twist instead of breaking into pieces of brittle plastic.

+ The color remains the same throughout the use.

+ Can withstand moderate impact, the cones do not break.

+ Pyramid-shaped cone uses Reflomax standard reflective film.

+ Sand is inserted under the cone to make the product heavier than the Korean cone type.

+ Common products in construction alerts, easily recognizable.

+ The product is heavy enough to withstand the huge wind, convenient for storage, transportation, installation.

+ The top of the cone is constructed so that it is possible to install a connecting bar between the two top-shaped spindles.

+ A reflective strip is arranged around the tip of the body, making it easy for drivers to identify.

+ Wide base, can increase weight by placing more weight to fix the top of the pile.

+ Inside sand is available, helping to increase the weight of the pile. The total weight of the entire pile that has been sanded is 3.3kg


– Place of installation:

+ Products installed in buildings, construction sites, public transport works or anywhere when there is a need for warnings.

Origin: Made in Vietnam according to Korean materials and technology.

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