Multiple Flicker

Giá: Liên hệ

Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Kích thước: (L)592mm x (W)69mm x (H)724mm* Công suất:+ Nguồn điện mặt trời: 10W+ Nguồn điện dự trữ: 12V x 12Ah 

* Dimensions: (L) 592mm x (W) 69mm x (H) 724mm

* Power:
+ Solar power source: 10W
+ Battery: 12V x 12Ah


– Features:

+ Multiple Flicker has a simple structure, easy installation, monolithic design helps limit the deformation due to external forces and better withstand harsh weather conditions.

+ Products are equipped with easily recognizable LEDs

+ The product can use about 4-5 days without sunshine, in the condition that the battery is fully charged

+ Products used continuously 24h


– Place of installation:

+ Installation at the intersection, where the need for warnings about traffic situation or specific instructions.

Made in Korea