Hi Genie Pro

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Table – Shelf Hi-Genie Pro


Hi-Genie Pro is going to be your child’s assistance in achieving wonderful knowledge

Shelf, table, chairs are removable to pieces. Each assembly piece is made hollow, making sure to use but still gentle when moving.

The shelf is designed with solid hollow plastic. Table legs with foot pads help children have a comfortable sitting posture.

The joints are smartly assembled with plastic screws available in the product.

Primeval plastic has no smell, absolutely safe for children to use.

Products are stowed in sturdy containers, easy to move and store

Sitting posture is designed scientifically, creating concentration for babies when sitting, which do not affect the spine of children, help children shape the posture right from a young age


Size: please see the Technical Information section.


The set of desks for learning bookcases has great advantages with the ability to be neatly dismantled and easily preserved. Sturdy plastic material helps to feel comfortable sitting for a long time, helping children love sitting tables, creating good habits right from an early age.

This is the premium product of Hi-Genie brand of tables and chairs.