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Established since 1987, HiQ is the leading manufacturer and services of warning assistance and prevent collision-accident by provding Road Safety Product for roads and construction sites. Primeval plastic are being used in HiQ products to perform the best quality for serving to reduce the damage to human and vehicles. Especially, HiQ products are official certified by Korean public administration and quality control, be able to join auction/bidding for national infrastructure, highway, significant projects.

We are highly proud in introducing the best quality products to projects, constructions and to mass consumers. Our main products are Water-filled PE Barrier, Cushion Tank, No Jaywalking Fence, Flixbile Post, Traffic Cone. These products are often been used at highway, dense-traffic or often accident happened. This support the drivers for better warning and reduce the risk of severe accidents.

For civil engineering, HiQ provides with large-size products, superior reliablity in the basement ecosystem like Car Stopper, Mirror Convex, Bollar, Multigate etc. These products have shown extremely useful under various conditions, meeting strictly demands from investors and consultants.

HiQ always pays attention to applying road safety product environment-friendly, reducing costs and create a convenience to user directly or indirectly. Solar energy products such as Double Warning Light, Flashing Light, Delineator using Solar Energy are designed lightweight, easy to use and storing, life-long battery span, easy to recognize under extreme weather and condition circumstances.

Quality Assurance
Being a quality conscious organization, we maintain high quality standards in our products and policies. The range offered by us is manufactured using finest quality material that is sourced from vendors of high repute after scouring the market…

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3 day ago

Thank you for such an informative article! It was very interesting to read about technologies you use in the production of your solar panels. I hope it’s not the last article concerning green energy. However, it’d be great if you told your readers how you work on custom projects if it’s possible, of course. By the way, every word about the excellence of your solar panels and technologies you use is absolutely true, other independent ratings confirm this fact.


1 days ago

I think the technologies used by Creator’ technicians and their dedication to what they do play the primary role in the success of their products (including solar panels). And I completely agree with you on this point.


2 day ago

My company has always been your partner, almost since Creator’ establishment. I’m really surprised that you deliver not only perfectly working industrial solutions but also amazing products for home use (including solar panels). Probably it is the most important thing that diversifies your company from other manufacturers – you always think about your customers first, and not on the possible ways of gaining more profit. It’s impressive!



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