Square Delineator

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* Dimensions: (W) 1.00mm x (D) 100mm

* Material: PU


– Features:

+ Square delineator has high plasticity, withstand extreme weather conditions. Eternal durability, no maintenance required.

+ Reflective surface is manufactured by reflective film with high reflectivity of the Reflomax brand.

+ Product is thin, light, easy to store and move, install.

+ Easy maintenance.

+ Wide reflective surface, for superior reflective effect.


– Place of installation:

+ Installation on taluy, guardrail.

+ Installed on existing lane strips or lane filled with water.

+ Installation of any terrain need warnings and instructions.


Made in Korea

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* Kích thước: (W)1,00mm x (D)100mm* Chất liệu: PU


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