Solar Warning Light (Single/Double Light)

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* Dimension:
– Single light: (L) 355mm x (W) 355mm x (H) 135
– Double light: (L) 710mm x (W) 355mm x (H) 135

* Power:
– 12h type: 4.5V x 120mA solar power, 2.4Vx2200mAh battery
– 24 hour type: solar power source 6W, battery: 12V x 3.5Ah / 7Ah


– Features:

+ Warning lights have a simple structure, easy installation with a monolithic design, along with lampshades to help protect the device in extreme weather conditions. The light intensity is adjustable from 9,600mcd – 12,000mcd.

+ The product can use about 4-5 days without sunshine, in the condition that the battery is fully charged

+ Products used at night (12 hours) or all day (24h)


– Place of installation:

+ Installation at the intersection, where the need for warnings about traffic situation or specific instructions.


Made in Korea

Chia sẻ:
* Kích thước:- Loại 1 bóng: (L)355mm x (W)355mm x (H)135- Loại 2 bóng:(L)710mm x (W)355mm x (H)135* Công suất:- Loại dùng 12h: nguồn năng lượng mặt trời 4,5V x 120mA, nguồn điện dự phòng 2,4Vx2200mAh- Loại dùng 24h: nguồn năng lượng mặt trời 6W, nguồn điện dụ phòng 12V x 3,5Ah/7Ah 


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