Round Delineator

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* Dimensions: (d) 100mm, (d) 150mm

* Material: PC reflective glass, ABS body

* Color: yellow and white.

* Type: 01 side, 02 sides.


– Features:

+ The glass is made from high-reflective PC plastic, visually showing to help drivers know in the dark.

+ The product is light, firm, highly versatile, used on many terrains and purposes.

+ The product has various colors and sizes.

+ Use with: civil construction; taluy, guardrail; retaining walls (type I, type O, type A, vertical type)

+ Easy maintenance, replacement with a reasonable cost.

+ Products can be easily installed and moved, deployed in a short time.



– Place of installation:

+ Install the top or side of the talus strip, guardrail.

+ Installation at places with a minimum speed of over 50km / h.

+ Install at sudden lane changes, add / remove lanes.

+ Installation at the curves.

+ Installed with PE pouring strip, damping tank, mobile barrier, etc.


Made in Korea

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* Kích thước: (d)100mm, (d)150mm* Chất liệu: Mặt kính phản xạ PC, thân ABS* Màu sắc: vàng, trắng.* Loại: 01 mặt, 02 mặt. Loại (d)100mm: Loại (d)150mm:Các loại chân phục vụ cho mục đích lắp đặt:


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