Mirror Convex

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Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Dimension:
+ Circular convex mirror: (d) 1000mm, (d) 800mm, (d) 600mm, (d) 300mm
+ Convex rectangular mirror: (d) 800mm, (d) 600mm, (L) 300mm x (W) 200mm, (L) 1000mm x (W) 800mm

* Material: SUS304 stainless steel
* Color: Silver-plated (mirror), orange (round)

– Characteristics:

+ Convex mirror manufactured with stainless steel SUS304 Korean standard

+ High reflectivity, durable use with time. Resistant to inclement weather

+ Various sizes depend on usage, increasing reflection efficiency.

+ There are many different types of connectors, suitable for use and installation.

– Place of installation:

+ Indoor or outdoor parking.

+ Pass roads, hills, areas with dangerous turns


Made in Korea