Flexible Post Block (hard stand)

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Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Kích thước đế cứng: (L)1000mm x (W)200mm x (H)180mm* Kích thước đế mềm, vừa: (L)1000mm x (W)200mm x (H)80mm* Kích thước cọc trụ: (H)746mm, (H)446mm* Chất liệu: PolyUrethane (PU) đối với cọc trụ, nhựa PE tổng hợp cho đế cứng. 

* Large size: (L) 1000mm x (W) 200mm x (H) 180mm
* Medium size: (L) 1000mm x (W) 200mm x (H) 80mm
* Post size: (H) 746mm, (H) 446mm

* Material: PolyUrethane (PU) for post, synthetic PE for hard stand.


– Features:

+ The base is made of solid PE plastic, which helps to resist the impact of large-load vehicles. Use durable with time.

+ The hard stand product is heavy enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

+ Flexible Post Block has reflective film with high reflectance of the brand Reflomax.

+ The product has two types: post holder and post pill type.

+ Constructing block array in the form of convex – concave in the sole body to improve impact resistance.

+ The base has two colors of yellow – black, mounted in series for easy recognition.

+ Easy for maintenance.

+ Products can be easily installed and moved, deployed in a short time.


– Place of installation:

+ Installation of roads in inner-urban areas, with a view to separating lanes for vehicles and preventing vehicles from turning around illegally.

+ Installing in a building tunnel, installing on the driveway up / down the tunnel.


Made in Korea

The product comes with a set of 7inch screws / screws