Flexible Post 750mm (with chain)

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Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Kích thước: d250 x (H)750* Kích thước: d200 x (H)750* Chất liệu:  PolyUrethane (PU) 

* Dimensions: d250 x (H) 750
* Dimensions: d200 x (H) 750

* Material: PolyUrethane (PU)


– Features:

+ Products have good elasticity, superior toughness, no discolor during use.

+ Resistant to UV rays for a long time, increase the durability up to 5 years in ideal conditions.

+ Used with high-reflection reflective paper imported directly from Korea, the Reflomax brand.

+ Standard 80mm bolt and shower comes together to hold the post fixed so that the base doesn’t get torn when collided.

+ Products with chains help link posts together.


– Place of installation:

+ Flexible post with chains are installed with the purpose of separating lanes, guiding vehicles on highways, national highways or at roads in urban areas.

+ Usually installed in front of tollgate, along the the line separating lane. Installation in combination with cushion tanks, reflective nails, reflective targets.

Made in Korea