Mini water-shedding fence

Giá: Liên hệ

Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Kích thước rào phân làn: (L)800mm x (W)450mm x (H)600mm

* Chất liệu:  HDPE 


* Size of lane fence: (L)800mm x (W)450mm x (H)600mm

* Material: HDPE

– Characteristic:

+ Made from HDPE with the advantages of plasticity, good tensile strength to help absorb impact forces. The product does not break when a collision occurs, minimizing damage to vehicles and vehicle drivers.

+ White-red-orange colors are installed in succession, increasing the driver’s identification.

– Characteristics:

+ The product can add water to help increase weight, increase resistance when high-speed collision occurs.

+ Prevents secondary injury when there is a collision between a car and the lane. The mounting mechanism and force-absorbing properties of the plastic help to adjust the direction of the vehicle in the event of a collision, reducing damage to people and vehicles in the event of a collision.

+ Installed by the method of series, connecting the top and bottom by the top link plate and the bottom link edge

+ The product can be easily installed and moved, deployed in a short time.

+ Can be installed in combination with HDPE dampers, reflectors, guides to improve display.

– Place of installation:

+ Installed after the HDPE Shock Absorber, installed together with the cylindrical traffic divider pile.

+ Installed at the beginning of the lane dividing island, lane separation strip, lane dividing lane, road direction.

+ Installed at highways, national highways (recommended), at places where lane division and lane change are required.

+ Installed at racetracks, vehicle testing grounds, driving schools, vehicle testing places.

Origin: Vietnam, manufactured according to Korean materials and technology.

Note: This is a recommended product of HiQ VINA when installed on highways, toll stations, accident-prone areas to ensure safety for vehicle drivers and reduce material damage. substance for vehicle owners.