Cushion tank

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* Dimensions: (L) 700mm x (W) 800mm x (H) 900mm

* Material: HDPE


– Features:

+ The product does not break when a collision occurs.

+ HDPE resin has the advantage of good plasticity and tensile strength, which helps absorb the impact force, the plastic will be twisted, minimizing damage to the vehicle and its drivers.

+ Around the tank is a reflective strip that helps drivers easily identify at night.

– Characteristics:

+ Product has lids, can pour water, pour sand (0.5m3) help increase the weight of products resistant to high winds, increased resistance when high-speed collisions occur.

+ Prevent secondary injury (collision) when there is a collision between the car and the cushion tank.

+ Preventing vehicles from running into guardrails or important places that need to be protected.

+ Products can be easily installed and moved, deployed in a short time.


– Place of installation:

+ Installation in front of PE Waterfilled Barrier, guardrails, at the beginning of the median to branch roads, in front of toll booths, in front of important places to be protected.

Origin: Vietnam, manufactured according to Korean materials and technology.

Note: This is the recommended product of HiQ VINA when installed on highways, toll stations, areas where accidents occur to ensure safety for drivers and reduce damage to objects. substance for vehicle owners.

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* Kích thước: (L)700mm x (W)800mm x (H)900mm* Chất liệu:  HDPE 


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