Corner Guard

Giá: Liên hệ

Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Kích thước:+ Loại dính: (L)110mm x (W)110mm x (H)80mm+ Loại cao su cố định bằng vít: (L)90mm (W)90mm x (H)1000mm* Chất liệu: Cao su, thép hoặc Foaming EVA - Loại dính tường: - Loại cao su dùng vít bắt kèm thanh sắt:

* Dimension:
+ Sticky type: (L) 110mm x (W) 110mm x (H) 80mm
+ Screw-type rubber fixed: (L) 90mm (W) 90mm x (H) 1000mm

* Material: Rubber, steel or Foaming EVA


– Features:

+ With sticky type, the product is made of EVA foaming material, for light weight but still durable. A strong adhesive layer helps the product to adhere to concrete and metal surfaces.

+ With rubber, the product has iron layer support better damping.

+ Outstanding color range helps drivers easily recognize.

+ Type of adhesive easy to transport, installation and storage. Long time use, quick install



– Place of installation:

+ In the basement parking area.

Made in Korea