Bollard (stainless steel)

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Thông tin kỹ thuật:

* Kích thước:+ Loại cố định, loại đàn hồi: (d)150mm x (H)800mm; màu xanh/màu xám. Chân đế (d)230mm.*Chất liệu: Vỏ ngoài Urethane, lõi thép không gỉ

* Size:
+ Fixed type, elastic type: (d) 150mm x (H) 800mm; blue / gray. Stand (d) 230mm.

* Material: Urethane outer cover, stainless steel core


– Features:

+ Bollard boat piles are manufactured with PU outer shell, wrapped inside the layer made of stainless steel, helping the product to resist oxidation and damage to the pile during outdoor use. Increased performance and longevity of the pile

+ Resilient post is designed with specific functions, when colliding with a vehicle, the post will tilt at a maximum angle of 25 degrees to help reduce damage to the device and avoid secondary injuries to the driver.

+ Bollard is manufactured in accordance with urban environment, with reflective sheets with high reflectivity that help vehicles identify even when it is dark.

+ Post uses iron core, PU plastic outer to help absorb the impact force from the vehicle. With elastic type, the product will create a tilt angle to spread the impact force, limiting damage to people and vehicles.

+ Products can be constructed by installing screws or anchor set.

+ Bollards prevent vehicles from moving up on the sidewalk, preventing accidents against pedestrians


– Place of installation:

+ In front of buildings, residential areas, parks, public works.

+ Port area, wharf, wharf.


Made in Korea