Flexible Post 750mm

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* Size: d250 x (H) 750
* Size: d200 x (H) 750
* Material: PolyUrethane (PU)


– Features:

+ Products with good elasticity, superior toughness, no discoloration during use.

+ High performance metalized flexible micro prismatic reflective sheeting. Compliance to ASTM D4956 Type 3 & 5, KS T 3507 Type 3

+ Ability to withstand long-term UV rays, increase the service life up to 5 years under ideal conditions.

+ Used with high reflective reflective paper imported directly from Korea, Reflomax brand.

+ 80mm standard expansion screw set with fixed post pillar is not torn to the sole when collision.


– Place of installation:

+ The Flexible Posts are installed for the purpose of lane separation, direction of vehicles on expressways, national highways or at roads in urban centers.

+ Usually installed in front of toll booths, along the line dividing lines and lanes. Installed in combination with cushion tanks, road studs, delineator.


Country of Origin: Viet Nam, manufactured according to Korean materials and technology. We support C/O from Korea as well.

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* Kích thước: d250 x (H)750* Chất liệu:  PolyUrethane (PU)* Kích thước: d200 x (H)750* Chất liệu:  PolyUrethane (PU)     


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